Deployment Options

StaffMIS has deployment options to suit, whether you’re a single centre or a complex multi-facility organisation

StaffMIS system architecture can accommodate a range of different business structures including single facilities, multiple facility management, and multiple contract multiple facility management organisations. All deploy as SaaS systems, with a range of configuration options from a single application to our dedicated multi tenant enterprise platform. 

There are four StaffMIS deployment options. For single facility organisations we have packaged all of the StaffMIS systems into one fixed platform called StaffMIS Single Centre. For multiple facility organisations we provide StaffMIS Multi Centre where we work with you to create a customised multi functional hub platform, structured to requirements. For large multi contract organisations we have StaffMIS Enterprise, a multi tenant multi site system available for large contract management organisations running multiple single site and multi site contracts. And we have StaffMIS LITE, a lightweight training management platform available exclusively for StaffMIS Partners clients.

StaffMIS Single Centre

StaffMIS Single Centre is designed for single facility organisations, providing an all in one staff and operations management solution. StaffMIS Single Centre runs on a powerful server with secondary server (separate location data centre) back up. The StaffMIS Single Centre hosting environment has built in resilience and is able to handle much more traffic than is likely to be experienced in normal conditions. Hosting core and data centre networks benefit from 10Gbps of connectivity and are designed to transparently tolerate the failure of any link or piece of equipment.

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StaffMIS Multi Centre

StaffMIS Multi Centre is designed for multiple facility organisations, where a customised hub system is developed specifically for each client. StaffMIS Multi Centre platforms reside on our fast multi tenant servers, with advanced back up and resiliance. StaffMIS Multi Centre platforms enable multiple facilities to operate as individual units but with central governance.

Empowering you with unparalleled control, StaffMIS Multi Centre platforms are flexible and easily configurable to suit your exact needs.

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StaffMIS Enterprise

StaffMIS Enterprise is designed for multiple contract organisations, with each contract running its own dedicated single site or multi site system, and all goverened by a head office, Enterprise Platform. StaffMIS Enterprise enables quick and easy integration of contracts, staff and facilities, with each falling in with brand standard procedures, policies, communications, training, and more, but at the same time allowing for contract specific customisation and management. A StaffMIS Enterprise system resides on it's own dedicated multi tenant server, with advanced back up and resiliance. 

Empowering you with unparalleled control, StaffMIS Enterprise is easily configurable to suit your exact needs, and with our development team we work in partnership with you to constantly review, refine and improve your service – whenever and wherever you need it.

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StaffMIS LITE is a lightweight training management platform available exclusively for StaffMIS Partners clients. Click here for more information about StaffMIS LITE.

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