S.S.I.D is the platform base for all StaffMIS systems.

It is the data and organisational management capabilities of the StaffMIS Systems Integrated Database (S.S.I.D) which enables all of the StaffMIS systems to work as they do, and where appropriate integrate together to provide a multi-functional, 'all on one' platform solution.

Database - Multiple field staff and facilities database, with rules and permissions, job roles, departments, line management, locations, groups, and more.

Organisational Framework - Lays out where your staff work, in which departments, which groups they are part of, who their line managers are, who duty managers are, what they can do, how they communicate, and much more.

Pages - S.S.I.D includes a Pages function, enabling unlimited information pages to be created with an easy to use page editor, incorporating text, images, files and video. 

Third Party Integration - S.S.I.D being the platform and data base of StaffMIS systems also has an API Library enabling multiple system integration. This enables StaffMIS system to be able to be quickly and easily bolted on to appropriate third partner systems, providing effective enhanced functionality. 



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