Action Management

The StaffMIS Action Management System is a powerful CMMS, docking all of your operational tasks, checks, inspections, audits, assessments, incidents and handovers, all together on one easy to use online management platform.

StaffMIS Action Management is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)), encompessing multiple operations management functions all on one system, including: tasks, checks and inspections, facility audits, staff assessments, KPI scoring, performance feedback, incident management, esclation, updates, handover management, reporting, and much more.

  • CMMS
  • Scheduled tasks and checks
  • One off tasks and checks
  • Template one off tasks and checks
  • Facility audits
  • Staff performance assessments
  • Task reporting
  • Compliance matrices
  • Incident management
  • Incident reporting
  • Handover management

StaffMIS Action Management is a suite of action management applications for tasks, checks, audits and inspections, incidents, handovers, and more

StaffMIS Action Management system is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), managing tasks, checks, inspections and audits, incidents and handovers. All facility tasks, checks and inspections can be carried out in StaffMIS Action Management, including facility tasks, checks, observations and assessments, staff operational tasks and checks, performance assessments, and more. Tasks can be scheduled recurring and one off, including one off template tasks and checks and more. This powerful action management function also includes incident management and handover management as well. All application units include extensive reporting.

As a CMMS, StaffMIS goes the extra mile, by integrating its CMMS functions with Information Management for risk assessments, policies, procedures and other NOPs / SOPs, and also by integrating with StaffMIS Training Management, incorporating training courses and qualifications relating to CMMS. CMMS in StaffMIS delivers an end to end task, incident, and action management system, with information and training, all on one platform.

Task Checks & Inspections - Set operations tasks, checks and inspections for locations, departments, job roles and groups. Schedule recurring tasks for statuatory checks, planned preventive maintenance, operations checklists, notes and data, standards assessments and more. Automate task data collection into operational reports and schedule regular report delivery, daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Review building compliance status in an instant with the comprehensive facility compliance matrix.

Task Compliance Matrix - Whether you have one facility or multiple, the StaffMIS Action Management task compliance matrix presents comprehensive task compliance status on a powerful matrix, displaying clearly items which are coming up for reporting, inspection, certification, and review, those that have been completed and are in date, and also those which are expired. Task compliance matrix includes fingertip access to all appropriate supporting certification, reports, reviews, and other documentation for each and every item as appropriate.

Incident Management - Record and escalate, report and manage critical, maintenance and other operational incidents in one simple to use system, accessed anywhere, anytime on any device. Multi location reporting means cluster managers can get an 24/7 umbrella view of incidents across the entire operational estate.

Handover Management - In a digital diary specific for each centre, record handover notes, shift reports, communications and more. Staffmis Handover Book also includes Event Shifts, enabling events to be created and notes and reports to be added and reported. 

"We worked hard with the StaffMIS team to develop a set of day to day operations management tools with the Staffmis Action Book system. We are absolutely delighted with the results. The recording, tracking and reporting is absolutely superb." Club Director - Odyssey Health Clubs.


About StaffMIS

StaffMIS is a software company providing multiple operations management systems to service industry organisations, all on one platform.

Multiple Systems:

Information Management (featuring document warehouse, indexable document libraries, document access and version control and more); Communications Management (including multiple communications channels); Training Management (enables you to dock, manage, assign and control all company training components and records, all on one single, online matrix. With Training Dock you can manage all of your company training, including components, suppliers, assignment, records, certificates, and more, as well as your training framework and a creation studio for building your own courses and classes); Action Management (CMMS, facility and staff action management including tasks and checks, data collection and reporting, incident management, handover management); Time Management (rotas and absence management, including casual and cover staff management).

Multiple configurations

StaffMIS systems are available in a range of deployment configurations, from single site to multi site. In each case we work with clients to provide a blended solution best suited to their individual operational requirements.

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