StaffMIS Global Resources

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Wide range of training courses and information resources available straight from your StaffMIS system

StaffMIS Global Resources is a library of training courses and information resources you can add to your StaffMIS system, and quickly and easily assign to staff. StaffMIS Global Resources cover a wide range of subjects, from a range of providers, including information resources and training courses. Courses and resources can be browsed, purchased and deployed to your staff in just a few simple steps.

StaffMIS Global Resources has been effective straight out of the box, providing professional content and courses to over 10,000 learners. This powerful new platform offers incredible scale and versitility, and in a way which is simple for clients to use but incredibly effective.

"We were already super impressed with the capabilities of StaffMIS IMS+ and StaffMIS Training Dock, but StaffMIS Global Resources is on another level still. It has already made and will undoubtedly continue to make a big difference to our business."


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