Staff Dock

Staff Dock is the platform core of all StaffMIS applications.

It is the data and organisational management capabilities of Staff Dock that enables all of the StaffMIS applications to work as well as they do, and where appropriate integrate together to provide a multi-functional, 'all on one' system.

Staff Dock includes :-

Database - Multiple field staff and facilities database, with rules and permissions, job roles, departments, line management, locations, groups, and more.

Organisational Framework - Lays out where your staff work, in which departments, which groups they are part of, who their line managers are, who duty managers are, what they can do, how they communicate, and much more.

Information Management - Staff Dock includes a base version of the StaffMIS IMS+ application, ncluding basic file management, file library creation, file categories and sub categories, file items, access control, upload and storage of documents, links, and video source, and access to the StaffMIS Global Information Directory

Training Management - Staff Dock includes basic StaffMIS Training Dock functions including traning matrix administration, training matrix management (including training group and training item management) but only with the ability to add training courses from StaffMIS Global Training Directory

Staff Dock has a range of optional application upgrades including advanced document control, employee document competancy testing and acknowledgement, document compliance reporting, skills management and skills compliance reporting, training creation, training management and training compliance reporting, facility tasks, checks and inspections, incident management, time management, and more.


PLEASE NOTE : Staff Dock does not include StaffMIS REACH communcations functions. Staff Dock IMS does not include the StaffMIS IMS + file management functions including document control, training course integration, employee acknowledgement, and compliance asessments. Staff Dock does not include the full StaffMIS Training Dock management functions, including course creation, or IMS + integration. Staff Dock does not include any of the StaffMIS Centre Log or StaffMIS Time Book functions. All of these functions are optional application upgrades.


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