About StaffMIS

StaffMIS provides staff and operations management software systems

Each individual StaffMIS system is capable and available as a standalone business process application, but you can also run multiple systems together all on one Platform

Information Management - StaffMIS Information Management is an information organisation, publication, version control and engagement management system, including access libraries, indexing, version control, acknowledgement, competency testing and more

Communications Management - StaffMIS Communications is an accountable, directive internal commnications application, including memos, messages, news, polls, surveys and more

Training Management - StaffMIS Training Management is a training framework management application, enabling you to manage all of your company training components, suppliers, courses, assignment to staff, and training records and qualifications

Action Management - StaffMIS Action Management is a CMMS, ncluding electronic tasks, checks and inspections, data recording and reporting, incident management, handovers, and more

Time Management - StaffMIS Time Management includes quick and easy rotas, shift cover and management and integrated absence management and reporting

Intranet StaffMIS Intranet enables Intranet Page and Page Content Management functionality. StaffMIS Intranet capability enables you to create Content Pages and and customise these to be specific to your organisation. 

 All of the StaffMIS systems are driven by an extensive staff and facilities database, with quick and easy data, page and content management, customisable  application links (including StaffMIS and third party), and more

StaffMIS systems are available in a range of deployment configurations, from standalone dedicated single site systems to multiple site standard and enterprise configurations. In each case we work with clients to provide a solution best suited to their individual operational requirements.

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