StaffMIS Professional Services

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StaffMIS Professional Services assist with operational content and quality

StaffMIS systems are fantastic operations management utilities. But some areas need content and organisation, and sometimes more. 

StaffMIS Professional Services :

Professional Services range from bespoke training course creation to quality management content, including policies and procedures, work instructions and safe systems of work, guidance, management, and more. Many of these services are delivered by our support partners, one of which is quality management and health and safety specialists Right Directions. The Right Directions Professional Services team are able to assist with a range of framework, content, process and advisory services with regards QMS / IMS using the StaffMIS IMS + system as well as NOP / SOP processes as well and their integration and operation in the StaffMIS Centre Log system. 

IMS + Frameworks & Content Management

The Right Directions StaffMIS Professional Services team are available at a competitive hourly rate to help you move your QMS / IMS content up onto Staffmis IMS +. Before you even start with document control and version control, you might just need a hand to get everything moved onto your new digital platform.

Quality Management Services

Right Directions can also help review your curent Quality Framework and content and assist in bringing everything up to date. Right Directions provide a dynamic, realistic & alternative way of providing Quality Management and Health and Safety Support to organisations

Tasks, Checks & Inspections

Right Directions can assist with moving tasks and checks from spreadsheets into the StaffMIS Task Book application, quickly and easily.

Training Management

Right Directions can assist with setting up and organising your Training Framework and your Training Matrix, and can also create bespoke online courses



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