Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, StaffMIS is a service industry staff and operations management platform, with an array of integrated business system options. 

Each system module is available as a dedicated application, or select multiple modules to work together all on one platform. 

Information Management StaffMIS Information Management enables you to store, publish and accountably distribute and change manage information items and information libraries, on both a global and also a location level. Employees can easily access, according to their job role and where they work, information about policies, procedures and more. Employees can be accountably informed and if appropriate competency tested where new information is introduced or where information is updated. StaffMIS Information Management also has document control management functionality with a range of document and version control tools and workflows.

Training Management - StaffMIS Training Management is a complete, end to end, training management solution. StaffMIS Training Management includes an internal training studio for internal training course creation and management, training course index and matrix, gap analysis, training control dashboard for new and expired training assignment, qualifications management, classroom training, assessments, observations and and more.

Action Management - StaffMIS Action Management consists of three applications: Task Book, Incident Book and Handover Book. Task Book is a tasks and checks application, enabling scheduled and ad hoc group tasks to be set up and recur, with highly customisable data field input and extensive reporting. Incident Book is an incident management application, enabling multiple incident class management and incorporating file uploads, form creation, link management and reporting. Handover Book is a digital day book, enabling staff and management shift notes and also a specific ‘events’ book as appropriate.

Time Management - StaffMIS Time Management is a rota and absence management system designed specifically for the leisure and hospitality industry. StaffMIS Time Management includes recurring rota schedules, cover shift workflows, split shifts, multiple job roles, shift clash management, holiday management, TOIL, sickness management, event rotas and extensive reporting.

Communications - StaffMIS Communications is an internal communications system. Multiple communications functions include messages, memos, news, discussions, to dos, notices and a full survey / poll management system. The aim of StaffMIS Communications is to deliver timed, accountable communications, with an array of engagement management tools to ensure communications engagement and accountability.

Intranet - At it's core, StaffMIS has an Intranet Capability, with editable Page and Page Content Management. The StaffMIS Intranet enables you to create Content Pages and customise these to be specific to your organisation. Basause of its Intranet Capability, the entire structural build of your StaffMIS system can be customized to your branding, and your mission and vision. Create and publish Content Pages within your system, Web Pages for information, recruitment, and much more.

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