Staffmis for senior management

Staffmis delivers !

For senior management teams Staffmis provides a fingertip view of operations information and compliance accross multiple locations. Operations reports delivered in real time. Information, training and communications engagement and compliance can be achieved end to end from contract hours employees to casual staff, contractors to volunteers. 

Every application has a senior management advantage:

  • Time management applications show rota patterns, rota costs, casual shift uptake and more.
  • Information management ensures documents are read and understood and even tested if necessary. Compliance to read and understand has never been more effectively achieved.
  • Communications management ensures all staff can be reached in an instant. Memos, messages, forms, documents, training resources, even polls and surveys. Staffmis provides more than just reach. With Staffmis it is possible to achieve the ellusive 'kwan' of communications: Engagement !
  • Resource management provides an instant and wide ranging view of resource organization across one or multiple locations.
  • Action management displays daily task completion status accross one or multiple locations, with data recording and reporting, incident escalations and more
  • Training management enables an organisation view of training compliance as well as quick and easy course management, course design studio and much more. 

Staffmis is the most wide ranging, detailed and concise operations management and reporting system ever developed for leisure, hospitality and voluntary organizations, accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

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